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Beat Flu Season With a Cleaning From Prizm Janitorial Services, Inc.

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Cold and flu season is one of the hardest times to work in an office. Often, employees end up sharing germs with each other through common surfaces and equipment in the office. Prizm Janitorial Services can help beat the germs with a professional cleaning of the problem areas.

Prizm Janitorial Services Kitchen Cleaning Service


Surfaces in the bathroom collect germs and viruses. The handles of both the sink and door are some of the biggest collectors. Hiring a professional janitorial service means you will never need to worry about the state of your bathroom again. Everyone will be much happier to come to work without the fear of getting sick.

Kitchen Area

Kitchen areas are often forgotten during routine cleaning. Employees are more likely to leave a mess at work than they are in their own home. Microwaves, refrigerators and shared counter spaces are a germ hot spot. Regular professional cleanings eradicate the mess and any lingering germs, making the kitchen a flu-free zone.

Office Equipment

Things in the office that are touched on a daily basis can spread flu germs from person to person. Shared office spaces have the potential to spread germs through phone mouthpieces, keyboards, and other shared supplies.

Keeping your employees healthy means less sick time in the office. Prizm Janitorial Services can help keep your entire staff healthier this season by stopping the spread of the flu virus.

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